The best alternative to luminati - ABC S5 Proxy

Compared to luminati's expensive pricing, ABC Proxy gives you the same quality proxy network at a cheaper price. IP uptime >99.99%, join ABC Proxy and get the biggest savings!


Powerful Proxy Networks

ABC Proxy offers a global pool of 200M+ fully anonymous quality residential IPs in 190+ countries, with fresh and clean IPs updated daily. ABC Proxy provides API access to proxy IPs by country, state, city, IP range, ZIP, ISP, etc., and supports port release via API, providing efficient support for any of your tasks.

Unlimited Bandwidth

With ABC Proxy, you don't have to worry about bandwidth anymore. ABC Proxy has no traffic usage limits, our pricing model is simple, no additional bandwidth charges and sends unlimited requests.

No Charge for Invalid IPs, IPs are Valid for Life

ABC Proxy proxy network consists of real IP addresses of real users, using pure residential IPs of international carriers, billing only for valid IPs, uptime > 99.99%, no expiration date for the proxy balance, your purchased proxy balance is valid for life. Save your cost.

Rotating Residential Plan

ABC Proxy

Unlimited bandwidth


City-level targets and dedicated IPs are not included

How companies use our proxy service

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Better and more flexible pricing - ABCproxy

All purchased proxies balance in your account are valid for lifetime, no expiry date!

Using 1 proxy costs 1 proxy balance and you can use from any country, or city without limit!

  • 200M+ genuine residential IP addresses
  • Avg. 99.95% success rates
  • Avg. 0.6s response time
  • SOCKS5 supported

200+10 IPs


$ 0.21 /IPs

Total: $45

400+20 IPs


$ 0.14 /IPs

Total: $60

Most Popular !!

1500+350 IPs


$ 0.07 /IPs

Total: $130

3600 IPs


$ 0.07 /IPs

Total: $249

Special Offer $ 0.043/IP

12000+600 IPs


$ 0.043 /IPs

Total: $540

Use ABC Proxy as a Luminati alternative to expand your business

200 million+ pure residential proxies in 190+ countries worldwide
Support country,city, zip code and ISP Filtering
Supports Use of Various Fingerprint Browsers, etc.
>= 99.99% uptime
No Billing forInvalid IPs, Residential IPs Never Expire
24/7 Support, Ready to Respond to Emergency Needs

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