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Affordable Private Static Residential IP Address (ISP Proxy)

With ABC S5 Proxy Real Static Residential IP

Enjoy Stable and Secure Internet Connection and Scrape Data from Any Website

  • 100% Real Residential IP Address

    GDPR & CCPA Compliant

  • Premium ISP Providers

    Unlimited Traffic

  • HTTP(S)/SOCKS5 All Protocols Support

Fast and Stable.
Country Targeting
Premium API
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Static Residential Proxies
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Premium ISP providers
  • Not shared
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7 Days Plan
  • 7 Days Plan
  • 30 Days Plan
  • 60 Days Plan
  • 90 Days Plan
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  • 7 Days Plan
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  • 7 Days Plan
  • 30 Days Plan
  • 60 Days Plan
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  • Unlimited scale
  • Premium SLA
  • Free Proxy Manager
  • Custom price

Customer favorite features

  • Largest Geographic Coverage
  • Battle-Tested Stability & Speeds
  • Ethical Compliance
  • SOCKS5 Protocol with Proxy Manager
  • 800,000K+ ISP IPs
  • Easy-to-Use Proxy Manager
  • User-Friendly Control Panel & API
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Country and City level targeting
  • Extended Session Control
  • Industry’s Best Customer Support
  • Real time network status page

Why customers choose ABCProxy

Large and stable Residential Proxy network
Yo‘ll Be the Only User of that IP Address. Provides You with a Reliable and Fast Static (ISP) Residential Proxy Network That Remains Anonymous and Hides the Identity of the Target Service. Surf like a local. Say Goodbye to Blocking and Restrictions
Long Sessions (99.99%Uptime)
Granular Targeting
Unlimited Concurrent Requests
Control your data usage
Via ABC dashboard you can easily manage your proxy usage . Be confident that your web scraping projects willnever stop unexpectedly
willnever stop unexpectedly
Follow detailed proxy usage statistics
Create and manage sub-users
Manage proxy subscription

Real residential IPs worldwide

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WHERE TO USE Static Residential PROXY?
  • collecting keywords, expressions and phrases in ABCProxy WordStat Yandex to prepare a semantic core;

  • parsing the output of popular search engines, such as ABCProxy Google or ABCProxy Yandex;

  • Use by SEO specialists and advertising agencies for parsing data

  • Online games such as ABCProxy PUBG, ABCProxy WoW and others;

  • promote social media accounts with a large audience, such as ABCProxy Odnoklassniki, ABCProxy VKontakte,ABCProxy Instagram, ABCProxy TikTok, ABCProxy Facebook;

  • individual proxies are needed to facilitate social media accounts with specialized software and services, such as ABCProxy Botsapp, ABCProxy Tooligram and similar software.

  • Using our “the best” proxies from ABCProxy Russia and ABCProxy USA is relevant to common messengers such as ABCProxy Viber, ABCProxy Telegram, ABCProxy Whats’app. The technology won’t work for classifieds sites like ABCProxy Avito.

Static Residential PROXY-anonymity guaranteed
Residential proxies are considered the most popular proxy protocol for safely visiting web resources and avoiding blocked sites allowed by regional laws. Buying a personal IP address allows you to make money or surf the Internet without having to worry about keeping your personal information safe. Using proxy is especially important if you're into SEO promotion or social networking.
Ways to use Static Residential PROXY
Buying an Static Residentia Proxy is not only recommended for marketers, but also for everyday users who are security-conscious online. The demand for custom servers is growing regularly because they make it easier to perform the following tasks:

Promotion of a large number of social media accounts.

(vkontakte, classmates, twitter, instagram, etc.) using special programs. By logging into accounts from one IP address, you run the risk of getting an indefinite ban, since the administration of the services considers such promotion methods to be dishonest.. Buying private static residential proxy will get you out of trouble because it will keep your location private.


Work in the field of SEO-optimisation:

search engine parsing, competitor analysis, semantic kernel gathering.Private static residential proxy servers will get rid of entering "captcha" and forget about restrictions.


Traffic Arbitrage, placing targeted ads.


Online games.


Free communication in social networks, on forums, on dating sites, foreign portals, downloading music, movies, books.

Individual static residential proxy gives you access even to banned sites.


Funlimited ad placement on virtual sites.

How companies use ABCProxy